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Unparallel is the Story of Otto, a rat trapped in a testing chamber set in an uncertain future. To escape from this lab he must pay attention to his surroundings: Mysterious mirrors unveil paths and solutions. As Otto overcomes puzzles, environmental music will spread and fill the void of his world, but this is just the beginning.

Unparallel’s prologue was released as part of the selected group of Humble Original games, published by Humble Bundle on January Humble Monthly, 2020.

Press Kit
Pigmentix is a deep-dance-chiptune rhythmic game in which you will immerse yourself in a psychedelic environment. Use the sticks to match colors and survive one more beat.
Pigmentix started as an endless one-song prototype. But after Unparallel’s release, we want to resume its development by adding more spicy songs, challenging levels... and make it for VR!
Parallel (X)
Parallel (X) is a puzzle solving game where you are trapped as a little rat whose tail has been eaten and replaced by a giant earthworm. To find your way out of this mysterious place, sharpen your eyes and use the most important resource at your disposal: The Mirror.

This game is Unparallel’s first prototype and was our first project together as a group. With it we won EVA Mendoza 2018’s prize.

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About us

Julián Las Heras

Game Director | Pixel Artist | Game Designer

Fernando Scollo

Composer | Sound Designer

Instagram | Bandcamp
Agustín Zúñiga

Game Programmer

Sebastián Contreras

Office & Business Development Manager

Gabriela Cress

Multimedia Designer | Videogame Artist

Joel Patrizio

Game Programmer | Game Designer

Guillermo D'Anna

Art Director | Concept Artist


We are a small indie game studio from Argentina,

whose goal is to create content that can inspire and captivate people. In January 2020, we released Unparallel as a Humble Original, the first step that will allow us to craft our universe, characters and stories.

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